Blinds For Bay Windows – which to choose?

Bay windows are considered to be one of the most elegant and innovative window designs, having its roots in the Victorian architecture. The bay window generally consists of three windows that are at an angle to each other. They make the room look larger and more aristocratic as these windows form a bay.

Whereas on the outside, these windows form beautiful projections, which further enhances its beauty. There are two ways of keeping an elegant room but also keep the room private. This is done with the help of blinds for bay windows as well as curtains for bay windows.

Depending on what you are looking for, you can decide between the blinds for bay windows and curtains for bay windows. Both blinds and curtains have their own pros and cons, which should be given adequate importance to before deciding on which the option would be.

Curtains for these windows are recommended for those who like complete privacy and who are slightly old-fashioned type. These curtains are a definite assured result. These Curtains come in various fabrics, textures, designs, patterns, colours etc. They are easily available and are also reasonable for the purpose they serve.

Blinds for these windows are another option that is open to you. These blinds are available in various structures, material, fabric etc. Blinds generally come in three structures, namely:

  • Roman
  • Horizontal
  • Vertical

Roman blinds are the least costly (supply & fit) in the market and are very popular as they are both decorative and practical. Easy to lock on and use, they also being with them an option of blackout. This means that up to 80% of the light can be dimmed by using the block out lining which is easily available and greatly useful.

Blinds are either horizontal or vertical.

window blinds for a conservatoryThe main advantage of having blinds are that it facilitates you to control the temperature of the room, along with its brightness. You can now decide on the amount of light that should be entering your home. Vertical blinds help you maintain the temperature of the room to a great extent when compared to horizontal or even roman blinds.

All the types of blinds come with an easy locking system that helps you to the height or angle at which the slats should be held so as to facilitate just the right amount of light into the room.

The blinds come in different material such as wood, plastic, fabric, metal etc, and are used in almost every place. It can be used in your homes and also at your workplace.

Blinds are also being greatly used outside glass doors etc, so as to ensure maximum safety.

The most recent event is the mixing and using of both blinds as well as curtains. It is fantastic, elegant, stylish and grand. See more at

Why use Window Blinds for Bay Windows?