Double Glazed Windows: Freeze Your Utility Bills, Not Your Home

Utility bills are on the rise and with the VAT increase that is due to return to 17.5%, we should all be thinking of ways to cut down on our spending.

Low Cost Double Glazed Windows

This is difficult at the best of times, but Christmas makes it even harder as most of us will be spending money on presents and other items such as food for the Christmas lunch and drinks. All this quickly adds up and so do our monthly bills if we are not careful.

Christmas is a time when we will generally spend more time at home than we usual would so we are more likely to have things like the heating on for longer, the television will undoubtedly be on during the day and our electrical appliances will be used for often.

All this means our bills are going increase rather quickly and we must be careful and use our appliances only when needed to avoid a nasty shock when the utility bill comes through the door at the end of month.

Simple things such as not leaving appliances on stand-by will reduce the amount of electricity to use each month.

Another way to cut down on bills is to reduce the time you have the heating on, this may seem hard in winter but by simply installing double glazed windows, you will be able to retain the heat inside your home which can save you around 150 pounds a year. This is not a considerable amount of money but over the years this will come in handy.

Saving money is important for everyone to do at the moment and after Christmas we will probably be counting our pennies and seeing what the damage was.

You don’t have to spend hundreds and hundreds of pounds to have a good Christmas so make sure you only spend what you can afford – You can find lots of information at

Double glazing is a great investment for the future and as well as saving money you are also adding value to your home as well as cutting the amount of CO2 you release into the atmosphere.

The Benefits of Low Cost Double Glazed Windows