10 Tips For Choosing Your New Heating System Boiler

If you’re looking for a new heating system, then you’ll need to establish what sort of thing you’re looking for, and why, so that you can get the right boiler (you may also consider your existing system: Isn’t it time you had your boiler checked?)

central heating boiler choice

Here’s what you need to know.

  1. Domestic or commercial? Depending on whether you’re looking for a new boiler for your home, or for your workplace, you’ll have different requirements and expectations. A boiler that is suitable for a house, isn’t going to right for heating a hotel, farm, or hospital.
  2. Heat output: You’ll need to know the number and size of rooms, and the number of radiators, and any other factors that could be important when choosing the right heating system for your home or workplace. A well-insulated large home could need a much smaller boiler than a badly-insulated small home for example.
  3. Where will the boiler be? If you’re a commercial user, then you might have a dedicated boiler room in your hotel, leisure centre or golf course. If you’re a domestic customer, then you might have to find the space in your utility room or kitchen for a new boiler. There’s no point in choosing a huge boiler if you haven’t go the space for it.
  4. On or off grid? If you’re not on mains gas, and want a new boiler because you’re spending too much money on your heating, then you’ll want to know more about renewable energy such as wood pellet boilers and wood burning heating systems. Wood heating can reduce your heating bill considerably as the fuel is much cheaper.
  5. What fuel? Oil and LPG is increasingly expensive, and so people are turning to wood and other renewable energy sources to heat their homes. If you’re looking at a more cost effective way to heat your home, then you’ll definitely want to think about wood pellet heating and solar panels.
  6. Efficiency: Old combi boilers can be as little as 60-70% effective, and newer combi boilers are likely to be around 70-80% effective. A wood pellet boiler could be well over 90% effective. This means that you will need less fuel to heat your home or workplace.
  7. Money saving: As the fuel is cheaper, and the boilers are more efficient, wood burning heating systems and pellet boilers are extremely cost effective to run. Factor in the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI), which is a quarterly payment from the government for using renewable heating, and your new boiler could pay for itself very quickly.
  8. Environment: In addition to providing you with more heat, better efficiency, and saving you money, you’ll also be doing your bit for the planet by switching to a more modern heating system. By choosing a renewable heating system, you’ll also be reducing your carbon footprint and your reliance on fossil fuels too.
  9. Installation: By choosing a well-respected experienced installer, you’ll ensure that your new boiler is fitted properly and is working as it should do. If you do choose a renewable heating system, then you’ll want to make sure that your installer is MCS, HETAS and REAL accredited, so that you can be assured of their work.
  10. Cost? Value for money and getting the right information and advice is more important than choosing a cheap system that isn’t right. It’s essential that you don’t choose your new boiler based on cost alone. You’ll need to be aware of the additional items you’ll need, and any building work that might need doing. It’s also important that you get the after sales care that you need too.

Now you know what to think about, you’ll be able to choose the right heating system for your needs. One really good place to go for gas boiler prices is https://www.localboilerquotes.co.uk/

How to Choose a New or Replacement Boiler For Your Home?