Home Security Alarms

Home Security Alarms

Reviewing Home Security – best alarms

Home Security AlarmsIt is almost an invitation to criminals to “come on in” if you don’t have at least a basic home alarm system these days – but what type,  where to start and how much will a home security alarm system cost?

The entry level alarm system will just have a visible alarm box on the outer wall, some contact sensors on a few doors and maybe a couple of PIR (passive infra-red) sensors in the hallway or lounge. This basic protection can be bought and fitted DIY for probably under £100 – but it is going to be very basic and is more likely to act as a mild deterrent than a way to catch a burglar “red-handed”.

More sophisticated alarms can be wireless & monitored – this means that every aspect & component of the home security system is connected to each other wirelessly (easy to fit) and the monitoring aspect of the alarm means that if the system is tripped a signal goes to a monitoring centre who then react to the alarm and either inform you, the designated key holder or send someone from their team to investigate.

The more comprehensive the monitoring package you purchase, the more comprehensive the response.

You can find out more about home security systems at www.securwize.com