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Extending For Space Extending For Space Room to expand & live a little easier

Interior Home Styling

interior stylingStyling the inside of your home for people who don’t want to spend big money on designers and don’t have a lot of time to spend thinking about what to do.

From soft furnishings to just a simple coat of paint can alter the look & feel of your living space.

A new carpet or removing the old one to replace it with some real or “looks real” wooden flooring can change a dull room into something to talk about.

You can find lots of information at www.mylocalprices.co.uk

loft extensions

Extending up is an option if you are tight for space at ground level


If you have a nice home & family, you should look to protect it.

Home Security AlarmsMonitored home security alarms are the best option. The more comprehensive the monitoring package you purchase, the more comprehensive the response.

If you have the skill & time, there are also many decent DIY home security alarm systems at reasonable prices

You can find out more about home security systems at www.securwize.com

Doors & Windows For your Home

composite front doorsApart from making your house look better, the wide range of options when it comes to new windows & doors will improve your security and help to save on heating costs.

Modern composite UPVC front doors look amazing whilst replacing your windows with the latest energy efficient designs will make your home more comfortable to live in and make it more attractive.


Central Heating & Hot Water Boilers

Home HeatingOne of the best ways to waste money is to have an inefficient hot water boiler or central heating system. New gas water boilers can run at over 90% efficiency and with utility costs as high as they are (with no sign of the increases slowing down), you are literally throwing money down the drain if your existing boiler is not a peak performance.

It may be that you just need a good servicing for your heating – there are many good reasons for doing this. Efficiency is one, but safety is another.

New boilers use condensing techniques to recover heat that would otherwise be wasted and combi-boiler can provide instant hot water for smaller homes.

Isn’t it time you had your boiler checked?

Home Extensions & Conservatories

Home ExtensionsThese options are a great way to increase living space. Home extensions take some planning and forethought because they are very permanent. Once you build it, it’s there for a very long time. You will also need planning permission and,  unless you are a builder yourself (or have a high level of DIY skill, it’s not going to be the cheapest way to extend the family home.

One alternative to look at could be to add a upvc conservatory with a tiled roof from www.localconservatoryprices.co.uk/conservatory-roof-prices

In many cases, provided you are not looking to build a very large one, you can fit a conservatory without planning permission and probably get one professionally fitted for around £5,000 or less.

Bear in mind that there are a few key factors for pricing such as your location, the size of the conservatory or extension you want and the materials that you use for construction.

Planning permission, if required can also be an additional concern & expense. find out more at www.lowcostconservatory.co.uk


‘Pushy Double Glazing Salesperson’

As someone who has been on the receiving end of a ‘professional sales pitch’ on many occasions, sharing my observations with you may save you from making an expensively hasty decision when it comes to buying double glazing doors or Windows in the UK.

Things to look out for:

The drop close – prices start high, but then you are offered a massive discount that is ‘only available on the night’. Ignore it; if they can drop prices that much in one night, then they can drop even further tomorrow.

The Show House – earn £1,000’s from people making an order after seeing your new windows. They will offer a commission per person who orders after seeing your home with their new windows and it’s probably tied to a price drop and ‘only available tonight’ – ignore it, its total BS!

I’ll just call my manager to see if we can get a better price – the salesman will call his manager and ‘negotiate’ he will tell him that you love their windows and want to fit them straight away, but you want a better price, blah, blah, blah. The manager may be on the other end of the phone but he is not there to help you, the salesman already knows the lowest price he can go to without losing his commission and the call is a bluff.

Be firm, thank the salesman for his time and tell him politely that you will call him or her when you are ready, and that you are having at least 3 other quotes from different companies to compare ‘like for like.

By the way, just as she or he is leaving, they may take ‘one last shot’ – close the door quickly before they start speaking again – good luck

If you want to know more about the supply & fit cost of double glazing you can visit a price comparison website like https://www.doubleglazingpriceguide.org.uk/

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